Friday, November 9, 2012

Visit from Memories in the Making to No Me Conformo

This morning Dora Viacava and Alicia Mino brought a group from Memories in the Making (Memories) to work on the communal mural that is part of César Viveros' No Me Conformo exhibition.  Memories is a program of Taller's that brings each week specially trained artist to work with the elderly who have been afflicted with memory loss or dementia to work on art.   The art making for the elderly  helps to ground them and maintain connection to their surroundings.

Memories in the Making
Bringing them together to work on Viveros's communal wall was a blending of experiences.  Viveros's exhibition is a Teocalli,  a temple or God house where all who come can contribute.

A member of Memories points the section she worked on
Created from Viveros memories, our impressions through touch, all the work can be handled by the public, by participating in either the Day of the Dead altar or on the mural, be left.  Direct interactions become a dialogue with what he begun.  The people become in active in the experience.  Their thoughts, their feelings in that moment of painting on the wall gets recorded in the work.

No Me Conformo for Viveros is a statement of not giving up what make him who he is. For this group of citizens, it something that they are familiar with.

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